NY Mets Executive Reveals Plans For Pete Alonso Heading Into 2024

The New York Mets are coming into this season with much lower expectations than 2023 after a disastrous year that led to them dealing away Cy Young winners and bringing a slew of prospects up. But what about the face of the team, Pete Alonso? The greatest Mets slugger since Darryl Strawberry can become a free agent after the 2024 season if they don't sign him to an extension before then. 

So what does the team have planned for their perennial HR leader? According to Mets president of baseball operations David Stearns, he basically says his hands are pretty much tied due to Alonso's representation by Scott Boras.

Stearns admits that the subject of a long-term extension will not be broached with their most essential player this spring, and free agency next winter is the "most likely outcome."  

Look, when you have a really talented player, who’s really good, and who’s entering the final year of club control who happens to be represented by Scott Boras, these things generally end up into free agency. We understand that.

Boras, of course, is infamous for turning the screws on teams to get the absolute last single dollar possible for his players (and for himself), and practically never allows them to sign an extension when free agency is pending. He will always choose the open market for his clients.

"This is an organization that's dealt with that before with really good players, and it's ended up in a perfectly fine spot," said Stearns. 

"What we're gonna talk about (with Alonso this spring) is 'look, let's go out and have a great year together. You go out and have a great year, let's have a great year as a team, and if we do that we're both gonna be set up very well going into the offseason.'"

Alonso has blasted 192 homers in his five years in Queens, including three seasons of 40+ long balls. He has three All-Star berths and an OPS+ of 136. Last year he raked once again with 46 dingers, 118 RBIs and an .821 OPS.

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports