Los Angeles Dodgers Targeting Yet ANOTHER Top Free Agent

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who have already been very busy this offseason, are reportedly setting their sights on elite free-agent closer Josh Hader.

With financial flexibility still at their disposal, the Dodgers' interest in Hader aligns with their continued pursuit of other notable free agents like Yoshinobu Yamamoto​​.

Hader's performance for the San Diego Padres last season was nothing short of impressive.

He boasted an ERA of 1.28 and a WHIP of 1.10, contributing significantly to the team with 33 converted saves​​. His track record speaks for itself, positioning him as a top target for teams looking to bolster their bullpen.

Although the Dodgers' bullpen was a strength in 2023, the team is always on the lookout to enhance their roster.

The addition of a player of Hader's caliber would not only be a luxury but would only add to the team's already dominant roster.

Pairing Hader with reliever Evan Phillips could create one of the most formidable late-game duos in the league.

In summary, the Dodgers' interest in Josh Hader is a clear indication of their intent to continue strengthening their team, particularly in the bullpen.

Hader's exceptional performance with the Padres has made him a sought-after free agent, and the Dodgers, with their financial capabilities and strategic approach, are well-positioned to make a compelling offer. Photo Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports