Two Atlanta Braves Pitchers Set To Enter Free Agency

The Atlanta Braves have made significant decisions regarding their pitching roster for the 2024 season, notably with right-handed pitchers Kirby Yates and Collin McHugh.

Yates, whose contract option was not exercised, will be receiving a $1.25 million buyout instead of a $5.75 million renewal, while McHugh will be paid a $1 million buyout rather than his $6 million option.

Both pitchers are now set to enter free agency.

Yates, despite a solid 3.48 ERA and 86 strikeouts over 67.1 innings pitched in his 70-game tenure with the Braves, has been let go, possibly due to concerns over his arm injuries as he approaches 36 years of age.

McHugh, on the other hand, faces uncertainty after an uneven season with a 4.30 ERA over 58.2 innings and a time on the injured list due to a shoulder problem.

His performance was a decline from his impressive 2.09 ERA and 149 strikeouts in the two preceding seasons.

As they head into free agency, both Yates and McHugh present as seasoned options for teams seeking experienced pitchers.

Yates' consistent performance and McHugh's strong track record over the prior seasons could attract teams looking to bolster their bullpen, despite their recent health and performance challenges.

The market will determine their value, but their expertise in relief pitching will likely be in demand for the upcoming season. Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports