Surprising New Rumors Surrounding Yankees & Frankie Montas

The New York Yankees' interest in bringing back Frankie Montas has been a topic of much discussion lately.

Montas, who had a brief stint with the Yankees last year, is seen as a potential asset to bolster the team's pitching lineup.

Despite his challenges in the 2022 season, where he posted a 6.35 ERA in eight starts due to a shoulder injury, the Yankees appear to be considering a reunion.

Montas' performance was hampered by a bum shoulder, which led to him missing the playoffs and undergoing surgery early in spring training​.

Montas' injury history and recent performance could lead to a relatively affordable contract for the Yankees.

A one-year deal estimated at around $7.5 million, matching his 2023 salary, is speculated. This contract might include an option for 2025, making it a good faith investment if Montas stays healthy​.

The rationale behind the Yankees' interest in Montas isn't just financial. Before his injury, Montas was considered a five-pitch ace during his time with the Oakland Athletics, posting a 3.18 ERA in 19 starts before being traded.

This potential, coupled with the Yankees' need for more established arms in their rotation, makes Montas an attractive option.

The decision to potentially re-sign Montas seems to be more strategic than desperate.

The Yankees, looking to avoid gambling on untested youngsters, may see Montas as a trusted and established player who could be a significant asset if he returns to his previous form.

While there are risks involved, the potential rewards of having Montas back in top condition could be substantial for the team​. Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports