Former Star Pitcher Drawing Interest From "Multiple Clubs" In Free Agency

Noah Syndergaard, a well-known MLB pitcher, is attracting significant attention in free agency despite a challenging period in his career.

This interest can be attributed to several factors, including his past performance and the current market dynamics for starting pitchers.

Syndergaard is recognized for his early years of dominant pitching, especially before his Tommy John surgery in 2020.

Before this injury, he was known for his impressive fastball, clocking pitches at 99 mph or faster, a feat second only to Aroldis Chapman in MLB from 2015-19.

However, post-surgery, there's been a noticeable drop in his velocity and effectiveness. In 2022, his fastest pitch was 96.4 mph, and his overall performance, including a sharp decrease in whiff rate and strikeout rate, was below the MLB average.

This decline was also evident in his time with the Cleveland Guardians, where he posted a 5.40 ERA in six starts​​.

Despite these challenges, the robust market for starting pitchers has kept Syndergaard in the spotlight.

Teams are viewing him as a potential bounce-back candidate and are considering him for a buy-low opportunity.

This perspective is buoyed by the high demand for rotation help, as evidenced by significant contracts given to other pitchers, such as Aaron Nola and Lance Lynn, despite their varying recent performances.

Syndergaard’s past achievements, including a 3.31 ERA over 716 innings from 2015 to 2019 and a mediocre 3.94 ERA in 2022, also play a role in sustaining interest in him​​.

In summary, Noah Syndergaard remains a notable figure in MLB free agency, drawing attention from multiple clubs.

His career trajectory, affected by surgery and performance dips, contrasts with his earlier dominance, making his case intriguing in the current high-demand market for pitchers. Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports