Two St. Louis Cardinals Players Elect Free Agency

Jacob Barnes, a veteran right-handed pitcher, has chosen to enter free agency after successfully clearing outright waivers.

His 2023 season journey took him from the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies to the St. Louis Cardinals through a minor league deal in July.

Although Barnes had a limited role with the Cardinals, primarily serving in low-leverage relief situations, he posted a 5.93 ERA in 13 appearances.

With eight years of MLB experience and a reputation for durability and reliability in the bullpen, the 33-year-old Barnes is now seeking a fresh opportunity to contribute to another major league organization.

On the other hand, Juniel Querecuto has also opted for free agency after passing through waivers without being claimed.

His return to the Major Leagues with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2023 marked his first appearance since 2016.

Despite a brief stint during which he recorded two hits in 20 at-bats, including one double, and drew one walk in nine games, Querecuto is now looking to explore new opportunities and continue his baseball journey at the highest level.

Both Barnes and Querecuto are poised to embark on the next chapters of their respective MLB careers, hoping to find new teams that can benefit from their skills and experience in the coming seasons. Photo Credit: Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports