Shocking Move By Oakland A's Closer On Verge Of Free Agency

In a terrific resurgence in 2023 as the Oakland A's closer, Trevor May was set to head into free agency with 21 saves (in his last 22 opportunities) under his belt, which might have led to a nice payout for at least a year. But the 34-year-old has instead made the somewhat surprising decision to retire. 

“It’s been a long time coming,” May said on social media. “This isn’t the end of my relationship with baseball. If anything, I’ll do more stuff with the game. 

“I have a thousand things that I want to do, a million things… everything that I do outside of the game has just lit me up, and I really enjoy doing it,” May continued. “I love talking pitching, I love talking about the game, I love teaching people about the game… But I want to go out on my own terms.” 

On his way out the door, however, May absolutely SLAMMED A's owner John Fisher. 

"Sell the team, dude! Let someone who actually takes pride in the things they own, own it... There's actually people who give a sh*t about the game!...

"Be a human being!"

May began his career as a starting pitcher with the Minnesota Twins in 2014. But he struggled mightily in the role, and midway through his second season, he was converted to a reliever, and found much greater success. 

Whereas his ERA as a starting pitcher (in 26 starts) was 5.85, he turned in an impressive 3.60 ERA in 322 innings as a reliever throughout his 9-year career. 

Photo: Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports