Blue Jays Boss Makes Decision On Future of GM Ross Atkins

Heads were shaking all over Blue Jays Nation after the way their season ended. The puzzling and frustrating decision to remove sizzling starter Jose Berrios after just three shutout innings of their Wild Card elimination game was bad enough, but then GM Ross Atkins met the media and took no accountability for the team's analytical plans that led to that decision, instead throwing his manager under the bus. 

But team president Mark Shapiro doesn't seem bothered by all of that, as he announced today that Atkins will be back as GM. 

Shapiro used "stability and continuity" as keywords as to why Atkins will return. But never mentioned the word "accountability", which has been top of mind for all Blue Jays fans and followers since Atkins' disaster of a press conference.

Shapiro, while certainly not 'reading the room' in Jays Nation, does go on to admit that improvements are needed, however.

“There needs to be a higher level of transparency and communication with our players in our planning process,” said the team prez.

But then, following in his GM's footsteps (with whom he has been joined at the hip for many, many years) he reiterated that the Game 2 plan (with regards to Berrios) was “designed by and led by John Schneider”… 

The manager must be pretty beaten up by all those bus wheels rolling over him. 

This is all so confusing for Blue Jay fans, as we've heard from those inside the clubhouse that "many players" went into Schneider's office after the game to tell him they understood that it wasn't his decision to remove Berrios when he did. 

We might never know what really went on here, but the uncertainty and finger-pointing is certainly not healthy for an organization.

Photo: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports