St. Louis Cardinals Claim Exceptional Defensive Outfielder Off Waivers

The St. Louis Cardinals have made an interesting move by claiming outfielder Michael Siani off waivers from the Cincinnati Reds.

Siani, initially a fourth-round pick for the Reds in the 2018 draft, joins the Cardinals after having played just 12 games at the major league level.

His strengths lie in exceptional defensive skills and speed, which have caught the attention of both teams. Despite a .228/.344/.355 slash line over 2167 plate appearances in the minors, Siani's offensive game is a work in progress.

The Cardinals' decision to acquire him is notable considering their existing outfield depth, hinting at their belief in his untapped potential.

Siani's transition offers potential depth to the Cardinals' organization, as he is likely to be an option for the bench at the MLB level.

His defensive prowess and speed, which have been evident throughout his minor league career, position him as an intriguing asset despite his current offensive limitations.

The Cardinals may view this move as an opportunity to harness Siani's strengths and potentially refine his offensive skills.

This decision could also signal forthcoming adjustments to the team's outfield roster, reflecting the Cardinals' optimism in Siani's unique skill set and his potential contributions to the team's success. Photo Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports