Video: Frightening, Bizarre Injury For Angels Pitcher Chase Silseth

A rare and bizarre injury has befallen another Los Angeles Angels pitcher. Rookie Chase Silseth fell to the infield in a heap after being beaned in the head by a rocket of a throw fired across the diamond in an attempt to gun down a runner at third.  

The injury certainly looked frightening as Silseth lay on the field in agony, holding his head. 

The incident occurred when the Mets attempted a double steal, but Francisco Lindor, at 2nd base, hesitated initially. Then when he took off for third base, first baseman Trey Cabbage fired a throw to third that struck Silseth in the back of the head. 

He was taken to hospital overnight for observation, but it seems like they've avoided disaster, as he has been released, and was at the ballpark on Sunday for the Angels. 

The team feels like they escaped the worst. 

“He’s got a pretty good lump on his noggin and a headache, but everything checked out well last night,” Angels manager Phil Nevin said. “We’ll continue to monitor him throughout the day. I think we avoided something serious, but with head injuries, you always want to be cautious.”

The Angels' season has spiralled out of control, despite winning two straight from the New York Mets going into Sunday's game. They declined to trade Shohei Ohtani at the deadline, instead dealing some upper-level prospects for some additions to try to make a playoff push. But they immediately plummeted out of the Wild Card race. To top it off, Ohtani will not pitch again this season due to a UCL injury.