Former MLB & 2-Sport Legend Bo Jackson Suffering From Serious, Rare Condition

He could do it all on the field of play. Bo Jackson's highlights, whether in major league baseball or the NFL, are still legendary, even though he hasn't played in nearly 30 years. Now the sports icon has revealed that he's battling a rare disorder that will require surgery. 

Jackson has had the hiccups for nearly a year. This is actually a serious condition. 

"I'm busy at the hospital, sitting up with doctors," said Jackson, "poking me and shining lights down my throat and probing me every way they can to find out why I got these hiccups."

He'll be undergoing a surgical procedure to address the ongoing condition. 

As an MLB player, Jackson is best known for the epic highlight of walking on the outfield wall after a catch with the Kansas City Royals. 

Bo knew how to hit the ball as well, winning the All-Star Game MVP in 1989, and hitting 32 homers with 105 RBIs that season, finishing top 10 in MVP voting. 

His careers in both baseball and football came to a premature end, however, due to severe hip injuries. 

One of the greatest athletes of all time, we wish him well as he battles this strange and rare hiccups condition.