Blue Jays Pitcher Accuses Aaron Judge of Lying

The ongoing war of words between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees has kicked up another notch after comments made by Jays starter Chris Bassitt. 

Appearing on the Chris Rose podcast, he flatly called Aaron Judge a liar, referring to the "side-eye glances" incident during their series earlier this month. 
Judge was caught on the Toronto TV broadcast giving quick side-eye glances over to the Yankees dugout during an at-bat, moments before he hit a mammoth home run. After the game, Judge was asked about it and said he was looking to see who was chirping in the dugout. 

Bassitt isn't buying it. He says the Yankees slugger was clearly looking at his first base coach for signs on the Jays pitcher tipping pitches. And he called it a "gray area" for coaches to be doing it.

“We knew what was going on,” Bassitt said. “They knew we were tipping. Is that illegal? No, it’s not illegal.

“Judge’s response to it? I have no problem with it. Was it a lie? Yeah, it was a lie,” Bassitt added. But then he said that he had no issues with Judge making up a story.

“What do you want him to do, come out and say, ‘Hey, all their pitchers were tipping, and I’m gonna tell them how they’re tipping?’ I think he just made up a story to kind of say, like,’I’m not going to tell them they’re tipping. Like, why would I say that?’” 

After Vladimir Guerrero's constant comments about never playing for the Yankees, and Alex Manoah claiming that Gerrit Cole "cheated" in using sticky stuff in recent years, this Jays/Yankees Beef just keeps getting juicier.