Worst Trade In Recent Memory: Toronto Blue Jays

One of the worst trades in recent memory was when the Toronto Blue Jays traded Noah Syndergaard and Travis d'Arnaud to the New York Mets in December 2012.

Syndergaard was a highly regarded pitching prospect at the time and d'Arnaud was considered one of the best catching prospects in the league.

In exchange for Syndergaard and d'Arnaud, the Blue Jays received veteran pitcher R.A. Dickey, catcher Josh Thole, and minor league catcher Mike Nickeas.

While Dickey was coming off a Cy Young Award-winning season, he was 38 years old and had just one year remaining on his contract.

Following the trade, Syndergaard emerged as one of the best young pitchers in the league, earning an All-Star selection in 2016 and helping lead the Mets to the World Series in 2015.

D'Arnaud has since gone on to become a solid catcher, and holds a respectable .253/.313/.428 triple-slash line, with 97 home runs, 356 RBIs, and 306 runs scored across 719 games played.

Although neither Syndergaard nor D'Arnaud play for the Mets still, it's still a massive loss for the Blue Jays looking back, seeing the impact the two players had for the Mets.

On the other hand, Dickey had a mediocre four seasons with the Blue Jays before leaving in free agency, recording a 4.05 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, and averaging 6.6 K/9 across 130 starts.

In addition, Thole and Nickeas never became significant contributors at the major league level. The trade has been widely regarded as a major mistake by the Blue Jays and one of the worse trades in recent MLB history. Photo Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports