MUST SEE: Dodgers Fan's On-Field Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong

Opening Day at Dodgers Stadium was certainly an eventful one.

Picture this: the Los Angeles Dodgers' season opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks was in full swing, with fans enjoying a blowout win by the Dodgers.

But one fan, Ricardo Juarez, had something else on his mind. He decided to take the ultimate leap of love and propose to his girlfriend, Ramona Saavedra, right on the field!

Now, that's already a bold move, but things took a turn for the crazy when a security guard came out of nowhere and laid a J.J Watt-like tackle on Juarez.

The video of the proposal and subsequent tackle went viral on social media, with people everywhere feeling sorry for the unlucky lover.

I mean, fair enough, that's one rough-looking tackle.

But wait, it gets even crazier! Juarez has now been banned from returning to Dodger Stadium for an entire year. Talk about a harsh punishment for a well-intentioned but misguided stunt.

Thankfully, Saavedra seemed to take it all in stride, saying "he'll live, right?".

Despite the drama, the happy couple is still planning to tie the knot in August. And get this - they've been getting tons of offers for free engagement photo shoots and other cool stuff from well-wishers who saw the proposal video!

Who knows, maybe they'll even get a visit from some Dodgers players at their wedding.