"I'm Grinding My A** Off": Cardinals Player & Manager Have 'Disagreement'

St. Louis Cardinals manager Oli Marmol did not like the way that Tyler O'Neill was running the bases on Tuesday after the outfielder appeared to slow down while approaching third, and getting thrown out at the plate.

“That's not our style of play as far as the effort. It’s unacceptable," said Marmol. "There's a standard, and it's here. You meet it, you play. You don't meet it, you don't play." O'Neill is not in Wednesday's lineup.

For his part, O'Neill wholeheartedly denies he wasn't giving full effort. 

"Those are pretty strong words from him... I'm trying to score that run, I'm not out there to dog it... Giving it my all."

"I'm out there every day grinding my ass off."

The Cards, as a whole, were certainly frustrated on Tuesday by Atlanta Braves' rookie Dylan Dodd, as the offense was primarily shut down in a 4-1 loss. 

O'Neill is hitting .294 thus far, with a homer and two RBIs in five games. 

Photo: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports