"I'd Have To Be An Absolute Idiot!: Max Scherzer Ejected In Foreign Substance Controversy

Controversy continues to swirl over Max Scherzer being ejected Wednesday in the latest "sticky stuff" controversy. The New York Mets ace now faces an automatic 10-day suspension for violating MLB's foreign substance rules. He has the right to appeal, which clearly he will.

Quite interestingly, the same umpire, Phil Cuzzi, has been responsible for all three instances of a pitcher getting tossed for a sticky stuff violation. 

“[Cuzzi] said my hand’s too sticky,” Scherzer explained. “I said, ‘I swear on my kids’ lives, I’m not using anything else. This is sweat and rosin, sweat and rosin.’ I keep saying it over and over, and they touch my hand, they say it’s sticky. Yes, it is, because it’s sweat and rosin. They say it’s too sticky. They threw me out because of that.” 

Scherzer was checked in the 3rd, warned by the umps, then washed his hands in front of an MLB official before going out in the 4th inning. "I don't get how I get ejected when I'm in front of MLB officials doing exactly what you want... I do not understand that."

Surely, we haven't heard the last from Scherzer on this incident. Though it's quite possible we won't see him on the mound again for 10 days. 

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports