Seattle Mariners Rumors: Twins Outfielder Becoming Trade Target

The Minnesota Twins were shopping Max Kepler during the offseason, but a move did not come to fruition. However, things are expected to change on that front during the regular season, as the Twins are still open to moving him. One team who reportedly has him on their radar because of this is the Seattle Mariners.

The Mariners are looking to build off of their successful 2022 season, so it makes sense that they are interested in Kepler. Keep in mind, they could use another outfielder on their roster, and while playing at his best, Kepler is a very good one. 

Kepler has struggled over the last few seasons, so it is clear that he could use a change of scenery. Perhaps a move to the Mariners could get his power numbers back up. Alas, we will now need to wait and see if the Mariners end up acquiring the veteran outfielder from here. On paper, there appears to be a good match between them. 

photo credit: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports