Tampa Bay Rays Rumors: Pitcher Becoming Trade Candidate

The Tampa Bay Rays are gearing up for the regular season, but they are hoping to add another outfielder to their roster before it officially begins. Due to this, there are reports that they are willing to hear offers for Luis Patino.

Patino was once a top prospect, but he has had a hard time cementing himself as a full-time MLB pitcher. This past season was particularly rough for the 6-foot-1 righty, as he had a 1-2 record to go along with a very high 8.10 ERA in six appearances. Needless to say, he was not ready for the majors, but perhaps a change of scenery could help him take that next step.

There is no question that teams will be open to acquiring Patino, as he has good upside and is still quite young. Some potential landing spots for him include the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Colorado Rockies, and Detroit Tigers. Alas, we will need to wait and see if he ends up being traded before the start of the season from here. 

photo credit: © Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports