Odds Are Set For MLB Division Winners

Spring Training is just getting underway, but the early odds are set for the potential six division winners for 2023. As per BetOnline, the two biggest favorites to win their respective divisions are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

One division, the AL Central, saw three teams listed as near co-favorites. 

Per BetOnline, Sportsbook Futures:

NL West Division

  • Los Angeles Dodgers     -130
  • San Diego Padres            +130
  • San Francisco Giants     +850

NL Central Division
  • St. Louis Cardinals       -130
  • Milwaukee Brewers     +175

NL East Division
  • New York Mets          +125
  • Atlanta Braves            +135
  • Philadelphia Phillies  +325

AL West Division
  • Houston Astros           -210
  • Seattle Mariners         +300

AL Central Division
  • Cleveland Guardians    +145
  • Chicago White Sox      +200
  • Minnesota Twins         +200

AL East Division
  • New York Yankees       +105
  • Toronto Blue Jays        +220
  • Tampa Bay Rays           +325

The always-tough AL East was also very much a three-team race, with the Yankees the favorites, but the Blue Jays and Rays not far behind in the odds. 

Same goes for the now super-intense NL East, a division with three viable World Series contenders in the Mets, Braves and Phillies. 

One of the key differences this season will be the balanced schedule, so that the  East teams will not have to go through the grind of beating up on themselves all season long as in the past.

 Photo: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports