MLB Rumors: Minnesota Twins Back In, "Have Some Momentum" On Carlos Correa

This just keeps getting weirder by the moment. According to a former MLB GM, the Minnesota Twins are not only back in on the Carlos Correa discussions, but actually have some "momentum."

"What I'm hearing this morning is that the Twins have some momentum here," said Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio. "They are still involved and they got a shot here. I think they're a little bit more willing to take more of a risk on the medicals than the (New York) Mets and (San Francisco) Giants were in terms of years and dollars, from what I'm hearing.

"Yes, the Twins are back in front and center... There is a possibility the Minnesota Twins come in and pick Correa out from under the New York Mets' noses."

Correa spent the 2022 season in the Twin Cities, but opted out to hit the free agent market once again, looking to hit the big jackpot that he didn't hit last year. The Twins wanted him back, and offered a 10-year, $285M contract, but Correa spurned them to go with the Giants for 13 years, $350M. That, of course, fell through due to a concern with the medicals, and a past leg injury of Correa's. 

The shortstop immediately pivoted and agreed on a deal with the Mets for 12 years, $315M. But those same leg issues have caused that deal to hit a snag as well. Talks have been ongoing for two weeks+, but no resolution has come as yet.

The Twins are ready to pounce, and it sounds like will be more forgiving with the future injury risk.

Photo: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports