MLB Rumors: Chicago White Sox Making Push for Rangers Infielder

The Texas Rangers have their infield group all set for both the present and the future. As a result, Ezequiel Duran has been made available by the Rangers, and now there are several teams looking to acquire him. The latest club to join the sweepstakes is the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox are looking to add another infielder to their group before the start of the regular season. As a result, it makes sense that they are interested in bringing in a promising young talent like Duran. He has the potential to blossom into an everyday player, and a change of scenery to the White Sox could provide him with just that.

We will need to wait and see if Chicago’s interest in Durand results in them being a lucky team to acquire him before the start of the season. Alas, time will tell if it does in fact come to fruition from here.

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