MLB Rumors: Baltimore Orioles Linked to Veteran Pitcher

The Baltimore Orioles took a major step in the right direction in 2022, and now they are aiming to build off of this momentum in 2023. It is clear that they could use another starting pitcher before the start of the season, and reports are buzzing that they are making a push for Michael Wacha because of it.

Wacha is definitely the kind of pitcher that the Orioles should be going after. This is because he is coming off of a strong season with the Boston Red Sox and could give them a major boost in 2023 if he can replicate it. Furthermore, he would give them another veteran to help mentor their younger players, so he is a fit in more ways than one.

On paper, there appears to be a very good match here, so we will need to wait and see if the Orioles end up being the lucky club to sign Wacha before the start of the regular season.

photo credit: © James A. Pittman-USA TODAY Sports