"What The Heck's The Difference?" Mets Owner On Insane New Payroll Number

The baseball world is still gasping for breath after the staggering turn of events overnight in the Carlos Correa affair. After the San Francisco Giants postponed an announcement yesterday of his signing due to an issue that cropped up in his medicals, the New York Mets swooped in overnight and struck a $315M, 12-year deal with Correa.

That brings the offseason outlay to over $800M, and this now puts owner Steve Cohen and his Mets in unheard-of record payroll territory of about $384M, according to baseball insider Jeff Passan. Cohen's tax bill, on top of that, will come to $111M. For a total payroll outlay of $495M. But does the multi-billionaire care?

What the heck’s the difference? If you’re going to make the move make the move.

No team has ever even surpassed $350M in payroll for a season, but the Mets have blown past that by an astounding amount. The $111M tax bill is actually more than ten teams' total payrolls for 2023. 

Cohen wasn't fazed by it, however, insisting simply that "we needed one more hitter. This puts us over the top.”

With their new lineup in place, the Mets' infield, as noted by ESPN's Buster Olney, features only 2-time All-Stars or better, and two Hall of Famers in the rotation. 1B Pete Alonso, 2B Jeff McNeil, SS Francisco Lindor and now 3B Carlos Correa. Rotation with Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. 

“I hope the fans show up," was Cohen's last word on the matter. 

Photo: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports