Carlos Correa Heads To National League For $350M

The Carlos Correa Sweepstakes are over, as the shortstop and his agent Scott Boras have scored a 13-year contract worth $350 million dollars to head to the San Francisco Giants. 

It’s the second-largest free agent contract in history, behind Aaron Judge’s $360M. 

Correa wasn't able to get this type of deal on last year's free agent market, so he signed a short-term contract with the Minnesota Twins that allowed him to opt-out and try his hand again this winter. The Twins badly wanted him back, but they simply couldn't play in Correa's expensive sandbox. Their valiant bid went as high as $285M, according to Jon Heyman.

San Francisco's front office had $360M in loose change sitting around after their top target Aaron Judge turned them down, so they reappropriated most of it for their second choice in free agency. 

And the best part for Los Angeles Dodgers fans is that they get to hate on Correa that much more now.

Correa, of course, was the unrepentant face of the 2017 Houston Astros that were found to have defeated the Dodgers in the World Series by illegally stealing signs. Yes, the already vaunted Giants/Dodgers rivalry should be at dizzying new heights going forward.

Photo: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports