MLB Rumors: Braves 1st Offer To Swanson Deemed "Light"

Could this be a little deja vu for Atlanta Braves fans? Like last season, a crucial Braves free agent wants to stay, but the first offer just isn't doing it. According to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, "word is, the Braves made an opening offer of about $100 million over six years to Swanson, which seems light."

Earlier industry estimates had the All-Star shortstop looking at a multi-year package worth somewhere north of $150M. But the good news for Braves fans, reports Heyman, is that Swanson's side did make a counter-offer, reinforcing his desire to get something done to stay in his hometown. 

But then again, that was the game that they played with Braves legend Freddie Freeman last year, and despite all indications that he wanted to stay, we all know how that worked out, with Freeman now a Los Angeles Dodger. 

And guess what? "The Dodgers seem to view [Swanson] as a very viable and interesting option," says Heyman. 

So is this a 'here we go again', or is it more likely that the 28-year-old first-time All-Star actually does give Atlanta a true "hometown" discount? Swanson was born in Kennesaw, a suburb of Atlanta.

"Clearly we have an opening there at (shortstop) – that goes without saying," said Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos. "It’s a long offseason and we’re just getting started now starting to explore some things.”

This could get interesting. 

Photo: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports