MLB Rumors: Bogaerts Has "Severed Ties" With Boston Red Sox

Veteran Boston Red Sox writer and baseball insider Peter Gammons has dropped a bomb on Beantown this morning, claiming that Xander Bogaerts has "severed Boston ties and won't be going back."

Gammons writes that in the past three days, front office executives from three different teams claim that the four-time All-Star shortstop is done with the Red Sox. That will surely stir up the free agent waters. 

Gammons goes on to warn that it still could be "negotiating leverage talk" from Bogaerts' camp, and that there's no confirmation of this as of yet. 

As noted by Tyler Milliken, Scott Boras is Bogaerts' agent, so there's certainly every possibility that he would have put that rumor out into the ether to ramp up the bidding on his client. Don't put anything past Boras. 

But if this is true, the Red Sox could be in for a troubling time ahead, as they are also trying to sign their slugging third baseman Rafael Devers to a long-term extension. He can become a free agent after the 2023 season, but if he gets wind of Bogaerts leaving town, he just might decide to play out the season and move on as well.  

Bogaerts has spent his entire 10-year career in Boston, but earlier efforts to come to a long-term deal were futile, as the two sides were said to be "ocean's apart."

Photo: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports