Full List Of 14 Players Receiving The Qualifying Offer

According to ESPN, a total of 14 free agents-to-be have received the $19.65M qualifying offer from their teams. It means that those teams will receive draft pick compensation if they lose that player in free agency. 

Teams need to balance the decision of offering the QO and protecting their draft pick compensation, with the possibility of the player actually accepting it and earning almost $20M for next season, then going back on the free agent market next year. 

For most players on the list, it's made up of no-brainers, including Aaron Judge, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, Jacob deGrom, Dansby Swanson, Carlos Rodon, Brandon Nimmo and Willson Contreras. Essentially, the $19.65M is a pretty good deal for the team if the player picks it up. But none of them are expected to, of course. 

Then we get into territory where players might have to think twice before deciding to blow off the QO. At 33, Chris Bassitt made $8.8M this season, so a bump up to almost $20M is a big jump. But he likely has this one remaining shot at a big multi-year deal in free agency, so he'll undoubtedly decline it. Same goes for Eovaldi, who made $17M/year on his last contract. Anthony Rizzo, likewise, wants a mutli-year deal, and thinks he can get it, so after making $16M this past season, he'll decline it. 

The ones that are somewhat more uncertain would include Tyler Anderson: the Dodgers pitcher has never made more than $8M in a season, and had his one big breakout year at the age of 32 in 2022. It could be a tough call for him on whether to take $19.65M or try his hand at a multi-year deal on the open market. Same goes for Martin Perez of the Texas Rangers. He also had a career year, and would have to think twice about it. But the Rangers are already talking to him about a two-year deal.

Joc Pederson might not get a better deal on the open market than $19M, so he might accept.

Photo: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports