"3-1 Ain't Sh*t, Y'Know?": Padres Still Think They're In NLCS

The San Diego Padres blew an early 4-0 lead in Game 4 of the NLCS, losing 10-6 to the Philadelphia Phillies to go down 3 games to one. Just one loss away from elimination. But according to the Padres players, they're not out of it just yet.

Padres reliever Nick Martinez tossed three hitless innings in Game 4, and is adamant that his team can still win this series. “Still have all the confidence in my guys out here. When we bring the energy, we’re tough to beat. We brought the energy and they played a hell of a game and beat us today, but gotta have the mentality of 3-1 ain’t sh*t, you know? If not, why play tomorrow?”

But they will be playing again on Sunday afternoon, and Martinez has some betting advice for those of you who like to place a wager now and again:

“I wouldn't bet against us... I think we’re dangerous when our backs are against the wall."

The Padres will be trying to keep that wall from caving in in Game 5 Sunday afternoon. Too bad they can't just throw Martinez out for nine more innings. He's allowed just two hits in his last 8.1 shutout innings in the playoffs. 

 Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports