15 Players Hit the Free-Agent Market

The free-agent market has gotten a bit bigger, as 15 new players are now available to be signed. Players with at least three years of MLB experience have the option to hit the open market if they are not on a team's 40-man roster. Thus, this group of players has elected to become free agents because of it and more should be on the way as the offseason rolls on.


Mike Ford (Angels)

Deven Marrero (Mets)

Yolmer Sanchez (Mets)

Elliot Soto (Twins)


Luis Barrera (A’s)


R.J. Alvarez (Mets)

Shaun Anderson (Blue Jays)

Anthony Castro (Orioles)

Alex Claudio (Mets)

Phillip Diehl (Mets)

Dusten Knight (Rays)

Brian Moran (Angels)

Cristofer Ogando (Rays)

Cam Vieaux (Pirates)

J.B. Wendelken (Diamondbacks)

As you can see, a lot of these players are solid potential depth options. It wouldn't be surprising to see many of them get signed because of this. We will have to wait and see where they each end up once the offseason officially gets started. 

Photo Credit: © Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports