San Diego Padres Make Changes To Awkward Upcoming Giveaway

September 7th was a day many San Diego Padres fans had been looking forward to this season. It was Fernando Tatis Jr. bobblehead giveaway day. 


The Padres have, quite alertly, pivoted on that.

The Padres will now have a Juan Soto City Connect shirt-jersey giveaway instead. 

Tatis Jr. was the face of not only the franchise, but right up there in all of baseball. Until Aug. 12th rolled around. That's when Tatis was suspended by MLB for 80 games for PED use. 

His father, former major leaguer Fernando Tatis, came out yesterday and blasted the commissioner's office for creating a "catastrophe" out of "such a small thing."

Tatis Jr. had already missed the entirety of the season up till now, recovering from a broken wrist suffered in a motorcycle accident last offseason. 

Juan Soto is now the shiny new superstar that Padres fans are looking up to, so it certainly made sense to switch the giveaway to feature the 23-year-old All-Star. 

Now, if they can just figure out what to do with 20,000 Tatis Jr. bobbleheads...

Photos: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports, Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports