Detroit Tigers Legend Considering Retirement


Future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera was planning to finish out his contract with the Detroit Tigers at the age of 40 next season. But in a sudden development, his chronic knee issue is forcing him to consider retiring at the end of 2022. 

“I try to do whatever I can to go out there and play. But I don’t feel very good right now," Cabrera told  Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic“I got to talk to my agent, I got to talk to the GM, got to talk to everybody and see what’s gonna be the plan for next year,” Cabrera said.

About one year ago, he acknowledged the chronic pain in his right knee was bad, but thought he'd be able to complete his contract through 2023. “Two years, that’s it,” Cabrera told ESPN at the time. “My right knee is really bad. … I’m going to play for two more years. I think that’s enough.”

But with increased pain this year and inability to function properly on the field, that tone has changed considerably.

So what does that mean for next season, asks Stavenhagen? 

"For the first time, Cabrera expressed some doubt. He seemed as uncertain as the rest of us."

“Right now, we don’t know,” Cabrera said. 

The Tigers legend has played 20 years in the majors, and this season joined the 3,000 Hit Club, in addition to the 500 HR Club, which he joined last year. He has a lifetime .309 average, .385 on-base percentage and .911 OPS. 

He will be in the Hall of Fame. Whether it's five years from now, or six. 

Photo: Rick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports