D-Backs Recent Call-Up Used LinkedIn to Jumpstart MLB Career

First off, what a name. 

Stone Garrett. 

Secondly, what a story. 
Garrett was an eighth-round pick of the 2015 MLB Draft. By 2020, he was without a baseball job. 

So, he went on LinkedIn, a move that would change his career. 

Garrett was originally drafted by the Miami Marlins, but after a few years and little success, the team lost faith in him. As a result, Garrett went and got his real estate license, in hopes he could make some money on the side when he wasn't playing baseball. 

One day, while Garrett was on LinkedIn, he found an old message from the Marlins' former video coordinator Dan Budreika. The message wished Garrett luck in his real estate career. 

Garrett messaged Budreika back, feeling he had nothing to lose. He said, "Hey, do you know anybody that needs an outfielder? I feel like I can still compete at Double-A or above". 

Budreika responded saying, "No, but let me ask around."

Budreika pulled through for Garrett. He messaged Brett White, a scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, asking if they had a position for Garrett. A couple days later, the D-Backs offered Garrett a minor league contract. 

Photo Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports
Fast forward to 2022, where Stone Garrett is mashing the ball in the minors, first at the Triple-A level in home runs. This caught the attention of the Diamondbacks, who called him up to the major league level, earlier this week. 

In his first two games in the majors, Garrett is four-for-eight with three doubles. 

What a story, and what a journey it's been for Stone Garrett. 

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports