Angels Owner Moreno Exploring Sale Of Team

Now this is something for Los Angeles Angels fans to get excited about. New ownership for the team? Yes, please, says pretty much every Angels fan everywhere. 

While the value of the team has continued to skyrocket over the years, and the team features two of the game's true superstars, the Angels have been an absolute non-entity when it comes to success on the field. 

But with the announcement by the team that owner Arte Moreno is exploring a possible sale of the franchise, there is hope yet for a turnaround. Moreno's heart was always in the right place, but his meddling made for some bad decisions, and a team that has stagnated.

As noted by MLB Insider Jeff Passan, a sale of the team could mean a trade of Shohei Ohtani, which Moreno has resisted (or perhaps a massive extension). It could also mean that the team will spend like the big market that it is... preferably on pitching, if they have designs on being truly competitive. 

Photos: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports,  Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports