Two Legends Named To All-Star Teams

He's a 10-time All-Star, and a future Hall of Famer. But Albert Pujols hasn't been in the All-Star game in seven years. Until now. Thanks to a new clause in the collective bargaining agreement, the commissioner can choose to add legends to the All-Star Game when it warrants. And with Pujols set to retire after the 2022 season, there was no better time than now.

Similarly, the selection of the Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera honors another future Hall of Famer, coming to the end of his own legendary career, after next season. The 20-year veteran has been an All-Star 11 times previously, but none since 2016. 

With the game at Dodger Stadium, Pujols will get to be lauded by fans he played for last season, and likely a huge number making the trek along the I-5 from Anaheim, where he played for 10 years. 

Both Pujols and Cabrera are now members of the very exclusive 3,000 hit, 500 HR club. A club that has only seven members in total. 

Ken Rosenthal reports in The Athletic that the new CBA clause states, “In addition to the 32 players elected and selected to the All-Star Game, the Commissioner may choose to add one player that he selects to each League’s roster, in recognition of each player’s career achievements."

The 39-year-old Cabrera is batting .308 this season, and with runners in scoring position, an even more remarkable .370 with an .894 OPS. Pujols is batting .200 with 4 HR and 18 RBIs in 45 games with the St. Louis Cardinals.