MLB Rumors: Two Teams Showing Interest In Joey Gallo

The New York Yankees don't have a whole lot to worry about as the trade deadline approaches... A little bullpen help, and a solid outfielder are on their radar. But if you asked any Yankee fan what they would like, it would be the expungement of Joey Gallo from the roster.

And according to MLB Insider Jon Heyman, there are actually two teams that have at least nibbled around the possibility of acquiring the .166-hitting outfielder.

"Joey Gallo is being talked about in trade. I know that's getting some surprise looks and comment from people. But there are some teams that believe that Joey Gallo will be better once he's out of New York. (He's) obviously not been the same player since coming to the Yankees almost exactly a year ago from Texas.

"We do believe there are at least two teams showing some interest in Joey Gallo. His old (Texas) Rangers team, and the San Diego Padres."

The problem here, from the Yankees' standpoint, is that they gave up some good prospect capital to acquire Gallo last season, and "they would like to get some of that back."

Heyman acknowledges that they certainly wouldn't get all of it back, as Gallo's stock has fallen precipitously in the past 12 months. In 58 games with the Yankees last year, he hit .160 and struck out an untenable 88 times, while this season is not much better, as he's hitting .166 with 92 strikeouts in 70 games. 

Yankee fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Photo Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports