Marlins' Closed-Door Team Meeting Called "Totally Chaotic"

Manager Don Mattingly had heard the rumors: Miami Marlins players were complaining privately about other players. He decided to call a closed-door team meeting on Tuesday to nip the acrimony in the bud. Did it help?

According to Craig Mish and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, one source described the meeting as "totally chaotic." Another source, however, called it "productive." Let's just say the jury's out on this one, then.

Mattingly's goal has been to "build better team chemistry... I wanted to get it out where it was spoken out loud. Not whispered behind anybody's back."

Apparently, according to Jackson and Mish, the whispers are that some of the veteran players feel that their younger teammates are behaving unprofessionally and not following team rules. 

One source called the bickering "nonsense." Certainly does sound like 'better team chemistry' is an ingredient the Marlins need, if they're going to be competitive heading into the summer months. 

Photo Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports