Controversial Yankees Starter Progressing Toward Return

Yankees starter Domingo German is on his way to recovery. 

The pitcher has not seen any action this regular season after injuring his right shoulder during spring training. 

German threw a three-inning batting practice yesterday and will reportedly receive a minor league rehab assignment soon. 

It is not quite clear whether German will return as a starter or a reliever. 

Over his four-year career, German has recorded a 24-16 record, an ERA of 4.54, a 1.21 WHIP, and thrown 371 strikeouts/341 IP.   

The twenty-nine year old has been a subject of controversy since 2019, when he was suspended for a whopping 89 games after violating the MLB's personal conduct policy. The suspension was given as a result of domestic violence allegations and was of the maximum length possible.

The Yankees have been phenomenal without German this season, sitting above the league with a 46-16 record. While German's absence likely has little to do with the team's success, the unpopularity of the pitcher certainly makes many fans uneager for his return.    

Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports