Cincinnati Reds GM Calls Himself Out

Cincinnati Reds general manager Nick Krall isn't shying away from the critics, in fact, he's turning into his biggest. Krall recently admitted the fans and players should blame him for their 3-22 start to the 2022 season. 

Krall met up with one the best in the business, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and had this to say about the state of his baseball team:

If somebody wants to blame somebody, they should blame me. We don't have enough depth to combat this. Did we do a good enough job in the offseason of signing players, making trades? Maybe not. It's hard to make excuses. There are a lot of good people in this organization who have done really good jobs. Right now, we're in a perfect storm, and we're trying to dig our way out of it.

The Reds have lost nine in a row and their 3-22 start is embarrassing. As Krall mentioned there's obvious reasons why it's happened and when you deplete talent to this extreme, these are type of results you should expect. The added salt to the wound is not only were some major trades made, the team currently has 15 players on the injured list. 

There's no denying the Reds are a mess. Not only is the 3-22 start something to catch your attention, so is having team president and chief operating officer Phil Castellini publicly question the fan bases loyalty. Things are going from worse in Ohio. 

Photo credit: Meg Vogel / USA TODAY NETWORK