Aaron Boone Calls Out Texas Rangers' Manager for His Comments on Yankee Stadium: "His math is off"


New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone came out swinging in defence of his shortstop during a post-game press conference after Sunday's home game against the Texas Rangers. Boone went after Rangers skipper, Chris Woodward, who spoke to media earlier about his team losing on a walk-off home run by Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres. 

Torres's walk-off home run travelled 369 feet an had an exit velocity of 106.5 MPH. It wasn't a monster home run, but Torres still hit the ball well. Chris Woodward wasn't impressed by it at all. 

He said it would have been an "easy out in 99% of ballparks." What's more, he refereed to Yankee Stadium as a "little league ballpark." Woodward probably intended his audience to take "99%" as a figure of speech rather than his statistical opinion. But it didn't quite work out that way. Baseball analysts immediately took to Twitter to critique his rhetoric. 

While Jon Heyman showed that 29/30 actually equals 96.7%, other analysts proved that Torres's hit would've left most of the league's ballparks. 

Torres's hit actually would've been a home run in 26 out of the league's 30 stadiums. The New York media asked Yankees skipper Aaron Boone about his thoughts on Woodward's words afterwards. At first, Boone responded saying he had no reaction to Woodward's comments. But then he cut straight to the point. 

Enough said, Aaron Boone.