Scary Video: Mets' Pete Alonso Hit In The Face By Pitch

It was a scary scene on Thursday between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals. While there was a ton of excitement generated with a new season kicking off, the Mets were dealt a tough blow to start the year. First baseman and star Pete Alonso was pelted in the face by an errant sinker from Nationals reliever Mason Thompson. 

The 95-mph pitch ended up clipping Alonso's shoulder and brushing up and hitting him in the lip; it was a very good break for his shoulder being the first point of contact. The Mets replaced Alonso with Dom Smith who ended up also playing first base in the bottom of the ninth. 

Alonso commented after the game that he was not worse for wear and had all his teeth, but did have a busted lip. The 27-year-old should be in line for another monster season with the Mets, let's hope he can stay healthy and avoid getting hit in the face in the batter's box.

Photo credit:  Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports