Perfection Not Good Enough To Finish Game For Kershaw

 It's the sort of situation that every manager loves—and dreads—at the same time. Your pitcher is tossing a perfect game through seven innings. Pretty good, right? But it's early April, he's not stretched out, and he missed over two months plus the playoffs last season with a major injury. What do you do?

In the case of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw, and manager Dave Roberts, you pull him after seven innings. Perfection or not. 

That decision has sparked a storm of controversy on social media from all corners of the baseball universe, with Roberts being ripped for denying the Dodgers' legend a chance at immortality. 

Yes, even the legendary Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, was irate over the move.

But as for Kershaw, who struck out 13 batters in the masterpiece, he thought it was the right move. Says he would have loved to complete it, but "it was the right decision.. It was time... I've (only) thrown 75 pitches in a sim(ulated) game. I haven't gone 6 innings, let alone 7." 

In fact, he had an interesting take on where to pin the blame:

“Blame it on the lockout. Blame it on my not picking up a ball for three months (during the offseason),” said Kershaw afterwards. In other words, the lockout didn't allow him to properly prepare for the season.

The Dodgers did go on to win, beating the Minnesota Twins, 7-0.