Blue Jays Rookie Wearing Robbie Ray's Famous Tight Pants (Like, Actually The Same Pants)

Before he was known for winning the American League Cy Young Award, Robbie Ray was known for wearing incredulously tight pants on the mound for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2021. Now that he's moved on to Seattle, it appears that those very same trousers have been passed down to a Blue Jay minor leaguer. Here's how this very important detail leaked out of minor league training camp at Dunedin. 

After Jays reporter Keegan Matheson posted a picture of a few minor leaguers standing around the batting cage, one Toronto superfan thought the pants of rookie Gosuke Katoh looked familiar. Katoh then confirmed his suspicions with a tweet of his own showing proof of the previous owner of his pants. 

Even better, Matheson was able to catch up with Katoh for an explanation: 

"Robbie Ray's pants are pretty famous, I think," said Katoh. "There was one day when (fellow minor leaguer in camp) Mallex Smith said 'I want the tightest shirt you can get me'... And I was like, 'You know what, I wanna copy you. I'm gonna try to get the tightest pants. I knew Robbie had those tight pants last year and I wanted to wear them. So that's how it came to be."

27-year-old Katoh is an infielder, however, so don't expect to see him on the mound...flying by the seat of his pants...anytime soon.

Photo Credit: BRIANA SANCHEZ/EL PASO TIMES via Imagn Content Services, LLC, Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports