MLB Rumors: Chicago Cubs Made Mega-Offer to Carlos Correa

The Chicago Cubs are trying to make a massive splash this offseason but they are also trying to be smart about it. Rumor has the team is interested in superstar shortstop Carlos Correa but aren't willing to sign him to a 10-year deal. 

Can't blame the Cubs considering Correa is 27 and paying him into his late 30's is a huge risk. The two sides have talked recently and continue to counter each other's offers. That was of course before the lockdown and word is they plan to be in contact immediately after the stoppage.

Correa wants a deal similar to that of Corey Seager who signed with the Texas Rangers for 10 years at $325 million. Chicago certainly has the financial resources to go there, but they don't have that type of interest. That however could change after the stoppage.

The ex-Astros shortstop is the best free agent left on the market after spending nearly a decade in Houston including winning Rookie of the Year, a World Series and a Gold and Platinum Glove last season. He's impressive when it matters most too, with 18 HR and 59RBI in 79 postseason games.

The Cubs have been busy signing Marcus Stroman, Yan Gomes and Clint Frazier before the lockout so let's see if they pick things up where they left off once the MLB gets back to normal.

Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports