Mets Get Former All-Star Back For 2022, But Do They Want Him?


The New York Mets have all sorts of issues to deal with this offseason, what with trying to find someone (anyone?) who'll accept their general manager job, deciding what external free agents to go after, and which of their own to try to re-sign. 

Now along comes Robinson Cano. The now-39-year-old second baseman is returning from his second career steroid suspension, having served the 162 game penalty. 

Cano's time with the Mets has been pretty much a disaster, with a glimmer of hope thrown in. His first season in Queens, 2019, was the worst year of his career; then, while he bounced back in 2020 with a very strong two-month season, he wrapped up the year by testing positive for the performance-enhancing drug stanozolol and earning his year-off from MLB. 

The Mets still owe Cano $48 million over the next two years, but whether they actually still want him is another question. “How he is received will depend on how he conducts himself and explains himself between now and spring training,” said team president Sandy Alderson. 

The former Mets GM—and Cano's current agent—Brodie Van Wagenen, doesn't think his conduct will be a problem. "He's excited to have baseball be part of his everyday life," he told Tim Healey of Newsday. "From a Mets standpoint, he's very much looking forward to being part of the organization again and making as much of a contribution as he possibly can."

Was his monstrous 2020 season a mirage due to the PEDs? The Mets are obligated to find out, and Cano will be at Port St. Lucie for spring training with the rest of the club. Whether he'll be slotted in to play 2nd base, 3rd base, or maybe even DH if the National League finally adopts it, is still to be seen. 

Photo Credit:  Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports