New York Mets Fire Manager Luis Rojas: "We live in a results-oriented business"

In a season that started with such promise, the New York Mets plummeted out of the playoff picture in the 2nd half, had squabbles with fans, and now have ultimately relieved manager Luis Rojas of his duties. 

Officially, the Mets are "declining the option" on Rojas' contract for 2022. 

The team actually held 1st place in the National League's East Division for three straight months, and traded for Chicago Cubs mercurial infielder Javier Baez in an attempt to put the division away.

Instead, the team collapsed over the final two months of the season, losing ace starter Jacob deGrom, and then losing ballgame after ballgame. Over one two-week stretch in August, the Mets went 2-11 and gave up the division lead for good. 

Rojas backers point to the multitude of hurdles he faced in his two years at the helm:

Rojas has been in the Mets' organization for 16 years, and went out with typical class: "We live in a results-oriented business, and I am deeply disappointed for our staff and fans that we didn't reach our goals this season," said Rojas in a statement. 

"I want to share such heartfelt gratitude to so many in the Mets organization for not only the last two seasons as manager,  but for the last 16 years in a variety of roles... I will always hold the relationships and friendships developed over the years, dear to my heart, and am forever grateful to have been able to wear the Mets uniform for so long."

Now the job of finding a replacement begins. According to insider and former major league GM Jim Duquette, that list should include a number of people who have ties to the Mets organization. Starting with Carlos Beltran—who the Mets actually hired two years ago, before he was implicated as a player in the Houston Astros cheating scandal—along with some experienced and familiar names:

  • Buck Showalter
  • John Gibbons
  • Clint Hurdle
  • Ron Washington
  • Bob Melvin
  • Eduardo Perez
Another fascinating offseason for the Mets is underway. 

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