Astros Cheating Allegations Surface Again

 It's unlikely the Houston Astros are ever going to escape the label of cheaters. A year-and-a-half after their 2017-18 cheating scandal broke big, accusations are resurfacing in the 2021 playoffs. Some ardent observers are once again hearing suspicious whistles during the Astros' at-bats in the ALCS.

The whistles that many are keying on occurred immediately before home runs by Yordan Alvarez and (naturally) Jose Altuve, in the Astros latest offensive outburst against the Red Sox. Listen:

What's aroused suspicion this time around, in addition to the sheer volume of whistles before so many Astros big hits in this series, is that the pattern and sound of the whistle immediately preceding Altuve's home run sounds exactly the same as the one that fell under so much scrutiny in 2017—when the Astros did cheat their way to a World Series. Listen here: 

Now, we all know the Red Sox and manager Alex Cora are no angels when it comes to sign-stealing either, so maybe it's just a case of who can do it better between these two. 

We'll find out in the next game or two.

Photo Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sport