3 Potential Destinations for Superstar Shortstop Carlos Correa

The Houston Astros are likely going to need a new shortstop next season as Carlos Correa is a free agent this winter. There's going to be a ton of interest in his services as Correa is one of the elite shortstops in the league. Of course, winning another World Series can change a lot of things but according to most insiders across the Major Leagues, they don't see Correa returning to Houston. 

At 27 years old Correa is about to cash in on the big contract each MLB player craves. The deal could reach as much as $250-300 million and there will be several teams in the mix making serious offers. 

3 Teams Who Could Sign Correa to a Mega-Deal

New York Yankees: Introducing the front-runners. The Yankees need a shortstop and will be opening up the vault for Correa to name his price. Ownership/management/and the coaching staff have all admitted SS is a position they need to upgrade this winter and it's expected they will be making a 5-7 year deal to Correa for hundreds of millions. Remember when the Yanks would just 'buy' all their talent, well it could be happening again this winter.

Correa, also 27, has long been a nemesis of the Yankees. He had another typically solid campaign in 2021, hitting .279 with 26 homers, 92 RBI and 104 runs in 148 games, posting a .850 OPS.

With the Houston Astros back in the World Series, Correa may be inclined to keep the team's core intact and return for the long haul. But if he tempts the market, it wouldn't be shocking to see the Yanks make a major play for his services.
Los Angeles Dodgers: Boy oh boy wouldn't this be something. With Corey Seager also hitting the open market, Correa could essentially be the 'fall back' plan should Seager walk. The Yankees are high on Seager as well, so these two teams will certainly be battling it out for an agreement. The Dodgers have never been shy to spend money and Correa's numbers are impressive enough to take a risk on. 

Los Angeles Angels: The Angels are looking primarily for pitching but could easily turn their attention to adding another impact bat to their lineup. The team is thin up the middle and Correa would give them some more muscle to flex in the middle of their lineup. Certainly a dark horse to this point but a team that should get a meeting from Correa and his reps.

Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports