'The Schwindy City' Finding New Ways To Win With Walk-Off Slide


The Chicago Cubs tore things down at the trade deadline, dealing off long-time beloved veterans like Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javy Baez. But their replacements are quickly making Cubs fans forget the old and ring in the new. 

Frank Schwindel, aka 'The Schwindy City', has the 5th-best OPS in baseball since taking over for Rizzo on July 30th, and has 5 home runs in his last 6 games (the 'S' for slugging part of OPS). 

Saturday, he used the 'O' part (on-base) in an unexpected way for a walk-off win—the Cubs' 5th straight 'W':

As Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Colin Moran was attempting the sweep tag, Schwindel surprised everybody by diving headlong into first, ducking under the tag and stretching his arm to touch the bag, executing the incredible "walk-off slide" to perfection. 

Schwindel is a 29-year-old, with 11 different stops in the minors, and a total of 15 at-bats in the majors (2019, KC Royals) before this year. He has taken this Cubs' opportunity and run with it. 

“It was a tough spot coming in here, with those guys being so loved,” Schwindel said after the game. “It had to be tough for fans losing their favorite players, and really, a bunch of guys they haven't really heard of [came in] to help fill out [the roster].”

With his new nickname, 'The Schwindy City', everybody's heard of him now. He's batting .326 with an OPS of 1.114 over the past month, and 10 HR in 31 games. 

Photo Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports