Joey Gallo Admits Trade to Yankees Brought Lots of Tears

If Joey Gallo had his way, he would still be a member of the Texas Rangers. The New York Yankees outfielder recently spoke to the media and opened up about his feelings on the trade. Gallo admitted there was a ton of tears shed once he found out the news.

Gallo and the Yanks are currently taking on the Rangers and he caught up to Kennedi Landry of and had this to say about the move:
It was emotional for sure. It still is. I was making sure I had all my stuff and I cried a lot. That was my home for 10 years, I think about it a lot. I'm still getting used to just living here, being with a new organization and whatnot. The Yankees have made the transition as easy as possible for me. I'm really appreciative of that. But like I said, I've spent my whole life in Texas since I was 18. It wasn't an easy thing for me to do. I enjoy playing here, but it's a different market than Texas for sure. They want you to win, win, win. The pressures and the expectations are high, but it's exciting. Nobody's excited to get booed, but it's part of this. In Texas, you aren't getting booed like that. But when we're winning games in New York, it's amazing and there's no better feeling

Sounds like someone will be signing back in Texas once he's able to.

Photo credit:  © Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports