Juan Soto Hints At A Future Playing in New York??


Sometimes hashtags are just hashtags, but sometimes there's some meaning behind them. Some are now wondering what was the meaning behind Washington Nationals' superstar Juan Soto's Instagram post upon arriving in the Big Apple to play the New York Mets this week.

Soto seemed pretty hyped about being in NYC, as evidenced by his Instagram post Tuesday:

It's the hashtags #dream #newyork #future that some see as perhaps telling a story about Soto's future dreams of playing in New York...? Mets fans are certainly down for this. 

Is it possible, went the speculation, that Soto was upset about the Nationals dealing away the rest of his team's major league proven vets, including Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber, Brad Hand and Daniel Hudson, at the trade deadline? 

But wait... Before Mets—or even Yankees—supporters can get too excited, Soto later edited the post to remove the #future. He was likely tipped off by a colleague about the uproar his post was causing in the City That Never Sleeps — and the associated nightmare it was causing for Nationals fans. 

Rest easy though, D.C., the 22-year-old Soto isn't up for free agency until 2025. 

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports